10 Things Tutors Can Do That Books (And Computers) Cannot…

10 things a real human tutor can do that books (or technology) cannot... Happy Holidays & thanks to all the great tutors out there!

Free New Adult Literacy Tutor Training

Instructions for adult literacy tutors for online, self-paced tutor training through ProLiteracy Education Network.

Get Things Done. Join AmeriCorps!

AmeriCorps Week is May 14-21, 2011. Celebrate National Service: learn more at AmeriCorps.gov.

Write On Books: Top 5 Learning Skills

Top 5 skills to becoming a lifelong learner: write on books, use the calculator on your phone, and other tips to keep your brain working.

Staying Safe in a Toxic World

March 2011-New FREE Issue of The Change Agent: Staying Safe in a Toxic World. This issue roots reading, writing, and math lessons in content that is engaging & relevant to adult learners.

NO to H.R. 1

Real people need real policy. Please ask our Representatives to stop playing games with our jobs & do the negotiation required to actually run an effective govrnment.

Virtually Worthless

Are online schools virtually worthless? Can adults really earn a high school diploma or equivalency online? Who decides what "accredited" means? FCIR investigates the unregulated industry of diploma mills.

Tour the Oceans with Google Earth

Google Earth has teamed up with National Geographic among others to share their data and videos in "tours" of our world's oceans using Google Earth.

Akron: The Right Size

Visiting Akron this weekend and saw the historic St Thomas Hospital where AA was founded (in its current form). Drove from one side of the city to the other: hospitals, bank HQs, minor league baseball, cuyahoga valley scenic railroad, university of Akron. The whole place seems more or less...occupied. Coming from Cleveland, which often looks... Continue Reading →

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