Bigger, Better Writing on the GED Test

Using the GED Academy practice tests and grading rubrics can help improve your writing instruction.

Science is Awesome! Scoring and Teaching GED® Science Test Short Answer Responses

The GED® Science test includes TWO short answer typed responses. Become familiar with a GED® test item sampler and practice scoring.

Beyond the Textbook: Additional Texts for GED® Test Preparation

14 websites full of quality non-fiction materials for GED® Test Preparation lessons.

Six FREE Amazing Websites for GED® Test Prep

Six of my favorite FREE websites for adult education and GED® Test Preparation.

GED Science: Energy from Respiration

All you need to know about respiration for the GED Science Test.

Free Online GED Science Test Preparation

Links to FREE practice tests, lessons, and tips to study for the GED Science test.

Staying Safe in a Toxic World

March 2011-New FREE Issue of The Change Agent: Staying Safe in a Toxic World. This issue roots reading, writing, and math lessons in content that is engaging & relevant to adult learners.

Tour the Oceans with Google Earth

Google Earth has teamed up with National Geographic among others to share their data and videos in "tours" of our world's oceans using Google Earth.

Free Cool Online Tool: McGraw Hill GED Online Learning Center

Links to the free online supplements for the popular McGraw Hill-Contemporary's GED books.

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