The Surfoid: Making Geometric Solids Fun

What can make math come alive for kids and adults? Surfoids.

Beyond the Textbook: Additional Texts for GED® Test Preparation

14 websites full of quality non-fiction materials for GED® Test Preparation lessons.

Exciting Strategies and Technology for Detroit

Exciting Strategies and Technology for 2014 GED Test Preparation with three sample lessons.

Six FREE Amazing Websites for GED® Test Prep

Six of my favorite FREE websites for adult education and GED® Test Preparation.

Free Math Practice for GED Test Prep: Khan Academy & More

Looking for online practice to study for the GED Math Test? Khan Academy and more at your service.

Khan Academy for Adult Learners

Khan Academy: a solution for FREE online GED prep? Here's how GED instructors use it now. .

Staying Safe in a Toxic World

March 2011-New FREE Issue of The Change Agent: Staying Safe in a Toxic World. This issue roots reading, writing, and math lessons in content that is engaging & relevant to adult learners.

Forget Flash Cards: Try Math War

Back by popular demand is my most popular post of all time, original linked here: Use an ordinary deck of playing cards to relax with math. Try Math War to practice basic math operations: Take out the Jokers, Kings, 10s, and Queens. Deal the remaining deck between two players. One rule: Aces are One,... Continue Reading →

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