Free Math Practice for GED Test Prep: Khan Academy & More

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Click on the links below to see Khan Academy videos & practice problems that you can use for GED® test preparation:

Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra


Probability & Statistics


More Free Math!

McGraw Hill's GED Mathematics Workbook
Get it now from

Math Practice #1 (McGraw Hill Online Learning Center)

Math Practice #2 (TV411)

Math Practice #3 (GCF Learn Free)

Want More Practice?

Check out the McGraw Hill GED Mathematics book that goes along with Math Practice #4.

Get even more practice problems with the GED Math Workbook.

Practice with your own Texas Instruments 30XS Calculator using the free GED Test Calculator Tutorial.

2 responses to “Free Math Practice for GED Test Prep: Khan Academy & More”

  1. […] Khan Academy, an online resource, offers free math practice for the GED test. And the creators of the GED also offer a free online “test prep toolkit” that covers all sections of the test. In addition, Study Guide Zone offers a free study guide, practice tests and skill building exercises. […]

  2. Michael Bittner Avatar
    Michael Bittner

    Hi Meagan,

    Nice website – thanks for posting all the useful stuff! I am a GED instructor at PPLD in Colorado Springs.

    Just to let you know, the Math Practice #1 link, on the following page address leads to

    Peace of Christ,

    mike b.

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