Now Facilitating Webinars & Workshops: Free Cool Tools for Contextualized (IET) Instruction

Schedule an interactive workshop on incorporating workforce training materials for adult education.

GED® Test Prep Resources

Thanks for coming! I am Meagen Farrell, author of Teaching Adults: A GED® Test Resource Book available from New Readers Press, and previously National Teacher Trainer for GED Academy (among other products offered by Essential Education). Looking to pass the GED® Test, or to help someone study? You've come to the right place! Below you will find a collection of... Continue Reading →

Missed COABE? Learn how to Crack the Code of Social Studies

Yesterday, I had the chance to repeat a shorter version of my COABE session on the GED Social Studies Extended Response as the monthly webinar for Tuesdays with Essential Education. And we recorded it this time! In both sessions, I focused on enduring issues as a way to engage students in the Great Conversation. Enduring... Continue Reading →

(Re)Writing History: Teaching GED Social Studies Extended Response

Prepare students for the GED Social Studies Extended Response by focusing on enduring social issues. #coabe15 #adulted

What GED© Test Takers Need to Know about U.S. History

Major periods in U.S. History covered on the GED Test, and what you need to know about them.

Bottom line: What does it take to pass the Extended Response on the GED Social Studies Test?

It’s Election Day in the USA! What Do You Need to Know to Vote? And Pass the Social Studies Test?

How to do your homework as a voter. GED/HiSET/TASC Test Takers need to know about U.S. Elections for the Social Studies test.

What GED® Test Takers Need to Study for Social Studies

The GED® Social Studies Test is currently 50% Civics and Government. The other subjects are United States History, Economics and Geography. International test takers may have to study more because most of the content is focused on the USA. (Capitalism! Democracy! 50 States!) If you're not so familiar with US Civics and History (even if you... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Textbook: Additional Texts for GED® Test Preparation

14 websites full of quality non-fiction materials for GED® Test Preparation lessons.

(Re)Writing History: Scoring GED® Social Studies Test Extended Response

The extended response on the GED® Social Studies test requires constructing an argument supported with evidence from a given text. Become familiar with a GED® test item sampler and practice scoring extended responses.

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