3 Ways to Make a Raised Surface Map of Israel

Want to engage young children with Biblical Geography? Raised surface maps are a great tool to get hands-on with the places Jesus walked. Learn more about the materials we used to bring this alive in our atrium.

How to Learn Calligraphy (or Fancy Writing)

With some practice and the right tools you can teach yourself calligraphy for lovely hand written prayer cards, scripture booklets, and even thank you notes.

Okay, We’re Back in Action!

Farrellink.com is now pointing to Blog.MustSeed.org. Follow for product announcements, spiritual reflections, and more!

Big Changes Coming to Mustard Seed Training!

tl;dr: Existing Farrell Ink posts will remain for future reference Mustard Seed Training is moving to MustSeed.org Please join my "Catechists' Corner" Facebook group or follow my Facebook page. Hello, loyal friends! It's been 10 years since I started Farrell Ink! Wow! In the past decade, I have encountered thousands of adult education students and... Continue Reading →

The Seed That Falls on Good Soil

A reflection on gardening, and a big announcement.

I Will Pay You to Finish My Crowdfunding Course

Adult literacy programs need funding. Would you take a crowdfunding course that paid you for completing it?

Announcing: Mustard Seed Training

As you may have heard over the past few months, I have been working hard to bring some new ideas to life. I have been translating Mustard Seed Books into online formats, participated in an entrepreneurship accelerator called LaunchU at Oberlin College, and now I'm launching a brand new project: Mustard Seed Training Over the past several... Continue Reading →

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