Free Cool Hybrid Tools for Contextualized Social Studies

Links, slideshow, and instructions for webinar participants to access The Literacy Cooperative's Contextualized Curriculum.

Citizenship in The Nation: Merit Badge University

Many thanks to Lake Erie College and the Lake Erie Council of BSA for hosting Merit Badge University. Here is our slideshow for Scout reference, including links for the activities:

Free Cool Contextualized Tools for NEO Skills Corps

Links, slideshow, and instructions for NEO Skills Corps Members to access The Literacy Cooperative's Contextualized Curriculum.

Now Facilitating Webinars & Workshops: Free Cool Tools for Contextualized (IET) Instruction

Schedule an interactive workshop on incorporating workforce training materials for adult education.

Painting Jesus: A Reflection for Artists and Catechists

In an increasingly diverse American church, how should we use images of Jesus for teaching children? One artisan reflects on her own experience & methods.

Family Bible Study: Week 4

How do we respond to being invited to the Supper of the Lamb? One Roman Centurion gives us a beautiful prayer.

Rich Mom, Poor Mom: An Amateur’s Guide to Investing in Stocks

A couple friends have started investing in stocks recently. When the Stock Market is down is actually a good time to buy in, but you have to be careful. Here are some important questions to consider before jumping in: Where do I start? First, you need a good handle on math and to learn the... Continue Reading →

Family Reflection: Pentecost

Gather your paper and markers (esp. red & gold) to help us travel in time! We're going to pretend we're at the end of the Easter season: Pentecost "Pentecost" means "50 days" in Greek Why do we have Pentecost 50 days after Easter? 50 days after Passover, the followers of Jesus returned to Jerusalem. Jews... Continue Reading →

Family Reflection: Resurrection Gardens

Easter season is more than one day! After the Resurrection, the Gospels report that Jesus appeared to many different people. He walked and ate with his friends again with His resurrected body. Celebrate the Easter season with a Resurrection Garden Our Easter Sunday Resurrection Garden Does your family celebrate Christmas with a Nativity scene? Seeing... Continue Reading →

The Parable of the New Blade

What is the kingdom of God like, and to what can we compare it? The kingdom of God is like two woodworkers who both had table saws. They learned how to use the table saw accurately, kept them aligned, and always wore their PPE (personal protective equipment). One day, one of the woodworkers noticed more... Continue Reading →

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