Welcome Mustard Seed Sewing!

  Mustard Seed Sewing offers a new service for catechists and parents. Homeschooler Ann Marie Darby helped develop a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd level 1 atrium in her home parish in rural Northeast Ohio. She has carved out a sewing room in the Darby family farm where she creates beautiful items to enhance worship... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Hunger Games Series

My son is starting to read in the YA category, and when he picked up Hunger Games from the class library (and finished reading it that day) I wanted to re-read it myself so we could process together. Between a fast plot and a highly readable writing style, this book stands out as a YA... Continue Reading →

The End of Affiliates

Today, I officially closed my Affiliate accounts. You might notice the "Affiliate Disclaimers" have been removed from my site. While the recommendation links are still in place, I'm no longer signed up to receive any advertising funds. Why? When I started Farrell Ink and was blogging more, it made sense for me to make a... Continue Reading →

Review: Monks’ Bread Fundraiser for Our Church

In a church, your fundraisers should do more than bring in money! They should teach your values. We used a Monks Bread fundraiser to buy kid-sized furniture.

How Do I Start My Atrium?

Congratulations! You've decided to start a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium in your school, congregation, or home! You have chosen an experiential, Montessori-based method of praying with children. The atrium is a special place for your beloved children to encounter the Good Shepherd. But where do you start? It takes 3 critical elements to... Continue Reading →

How to Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs

Engage young children in the story of Easter with homemade Resurrection eggs. Free download included.

How to Finish Your Wooden Figures

Tips to finish your 2D or 3D figures for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

Webinars: From Beginner to Expert

Nervous to access online resources without IT support? This hands-on workshop will cover all the basics. In one morning, go from a webinar beginner to being the IT master your students need to succeed in a tech-driven workforce.

FREE Workshop on Webinars: From Beginner to Master

In one morning, go from a webinar beginner to being the IT master your students need to succeed in a tech-driven workforce. When: Friday, March 1, 2019 from 9am to 12pm EST Where: Educational Services Center of Northeast Ohio 6393 Oak Tree Blvd., Independence, OH 44131 BYOD: Bring Your Own Device to this hands-on tech... Continue Reading →

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