New Course: Keys to the 3 HSE Tests

As Ohio adds the HiSET & TASC exams, what does this mean for adult educators? Come find out.

Teaching Your Students Technology 101 for the Computer-Based GED® Test

Prepare your students for computer-based testing by taking a closer look at ways to teach mouse skills and keyboarding skills, considering how to support learning, and decide which resources might work best for your classroom.

Fun Ways to Teach for the New Technology-Enhanced GED® Test Items

The new GED® Test is on the computer. Here are some classic, unplugged activities that can prepare students to be successful test-takers.

Improve Your Typing Speed for Computer-Based GED® Testing

Free online resources and tips to improve typing skills to prepare for computer-based GED testing.

Seven Free GED® Test Study Sites

Seven free websites with extra lessons and practice to study for the 2014 GED Test.

Exciting Technology for 2014 GED Test Prep Instruction

Using technology to prepare GED Test takers. Workshops at the "Achieving Credentials for Success" Conference in Appleton, Wisconsin, October 2013.

Are you an adult educator in Northeast Ohio? Sign up for a free online course to prepare for the 2014 GED Test.

Prepare for Computer-Based GED® Testing

Free resources to prepare for the computer-based GED Test.

Resources for Teaching Tech for the GED® Test

Instructor recommendations from a training on how to prepare learners for computer-based GED® Testing.

Are Technology Natives All Illiterate?

Worried about computer-based GED testing? Every time new technology disruptions rock our worlds, any one of us can find ourselves "illiterate". Meagen's story of becoming literate in social media.

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