Keep Teaching & Stay Connected with an LMS

Trying to move suddenly from face-to-face to digital?Congregations can keep their classes and community alive with a Learning Management System (LMS). Consider some of the best options for beginners on a budget.

FREE Workshop on Webinars: From Beginner to Master

In one morning, go from a webinar beginner to being the IT master your students need to succeed in a tech-driven workforce. When: Friday, March 1, 2019 from 9am to 12pm EST Where: Educational Services Center of Northeast Ohio 6393 Oak Tree Blvd., Independence, OH 44131 BYOD: Bring Your Own Device to this hands-on tech... Continue Reading →

2018 Book Challenge #2: The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly

What will humans be doing in the digital age? Reading Kevin Kelly's book?

If I Ran the School: Blended Learning

How would you reach at-risk students who struggled in high school? Consider blended learning to increase outcomes.

Benefits and Difficulties of Teaching Tech 101

A short video of a real experience teaching basic technology to facilitate reflection on the benefits and realistic expectations.

Improve Your Typing Speed for Computer-Based GED® Testing

Free online resources and tips to improve typing skills to prepare for computer-based GED testing.

Resources for Teaching Tech for the GED® Test

Instructor recommendations from a training on how to prepare learners for computer-based GED® Testing.

CAACE: Exciting Strategies & Technology to Prep Learners for the 2014 GED Test

Full day workshop on Teaching Adults: A 2014 GED Test Resource Book, combining exciting instructional strategies and technological possibilities.

Training & Workshops in 2013: Tech Integration & GED Test Prep

A new series of GED® Tests is released on January 2, 2014. The new test has significant changes, including the entire test being delivered on the computer (though still ONLY at official GED Testing Centers...never online). GED students, instructors, publishers, and programs are all preparing for the change. I'd like to help you get ready,... Continue Reading →

Are Technology Natives All Illiterate?

Worried about computer-based GED testing? Every time new technology disruptions rock our worlds, any one of us can find ourselves "illiterate". Meagen's story of becoming literate in social media.

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