Webinars: From Beginner to Expert

Nervous to access online resources without IT support? This hands-on workshop will cover all the basics. In one morning, go from a webinar beginner to being the IT master your students need to succeed in a tech-driven workforce.

Next Week in Cleveland: XPRIZE & CLE-BEE

Support adult literacy by attending an XPRIZE info session or CLE-BEE fundraiser.

Your Early Holiday Gift: A Sneak Peak at Mustard Seed Teaching

Hi friends! SHHHHH! I have been working on something, and I can't keep it a secret any more! But don't tell everyone just yet... I'm not ready to shout it to the WHOLE world, but just couldn't wait to give you a sneak peak into an exciting new project I'm planning to launch in early 2017. I... Continue Reading →

PD Sililoquy

When contemplating an upcoming webinar... To record or not to record--that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the training to suffer The slings and arrows of potential distribution Or to take record of the various questions, And by answering end them.

What DO You Do All Day, Meagen?

What does it look like to work from home? What is a Teacher Trainer and Instructional Designer?

Adult Educators’ Recommendations for Best Free Resources

Results from three teams of adult education professionals who reviewed free online tools for GED Test Prep and workforce development.

Chromebook for Education? Home?

What do you think about Chromebooks for school and home use? This review considers several applications.

Summer PD for 2014 GED Test Instructors: 3 Week Online Courses

Join today! Two summer sessions of online course based on "Teaching Adults: A 2014 GED Test Resource Book."

Seven Free GED® Test Study Sites

Seven free websites with extra lessons and practice to study for the 2014 GED Test.

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