Summer PD for 2014 GED Test Instructors: 3 Week Online Courses

Join today! Two summer sessions of online course based on "Teaching Adults: A 2014 GED Test Resource Book."

Seven Free GED® Test Study Sites

Seven free websites with extra lessons and practice to study for the 2014 GED Test.

New Online Course for Instructors to Implement 2014 GED® Test Changes

WVIZ/PBS/ideastream is offering a three-week online course based on the book "Teaching Adults: A 2014 GED Test Resource Book." Register today!

Are you an adult educator in Northeast Ohio? Sign up for a free online course to prepare for the 2014 GED Test.

Tech for Tracking: Tools for Data Collection & Assessment

What are the possibilities & realities of data collection in the digital age? Find out more about learning management systems.

Could MOOCs work for GED Test preparation? Lessons from History

Are MOOCs the future of education? Can they be adapted for GED Test preparation? If they don't learn lessons from history, MOOCs will be doomed to repeat it.

Free Cool Online Tool: Gamestar Mechanic

As an adult looking to break into the field of elearning and educational technology, might Gamestar Mechanic be the right place to learn the basics of game development? It sounds fun, at least!

Gamification of Learning

Want to spice up your training or classroom with games, but don't know where to start? I collected the best stuff on The Interwebs just for you.

The Flipped Classroom: Interview with Stephen Volk

Interview with Stephen Volk, 2011 U.S. Professor of the Year on how and why he uses a Flipped Classroom.

Using Garmin and Ford to Transform Education

Can we use the Common Core Standards to create an educational GPS system? What lesson can we learn about the educational workforce from Henry Ford?

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