Webinars: From Beginner to Expert

Many thanks to the Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland for sponsoring this FREE workshop for literacy professionals in our region!

Access the slideshow at this link:

Troubleshooting: Webinars as Participant

Participants, when directed please:

  1. Register for the sample webinar at this link.
  2. Check your email for the registration confirmation.
  3. In the registration email, find the link to test your system.

Once everyone is connected, we will start the sample webinar, with live support.

You will have a chance to practice the following features:

  • Muting yourself so you don’t interrupt the webinar.
  • Connecting to webinar audio on your computer or phone.
  • Entering a response in the chat box.
  • Responding to a poll.
  • Submitting a question to the presenter.
  • Minimizing and re-opening the window.

After we have practiced using a live webinar, then we will try out accessing a recorded webinar about Open Educational Resources. Access high quality content that you don’t have to create yourself!

“Lowering the Cost of Course Materials with Free & Open Educational Resources” by Workforce GPS.

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