Webinars: From Beginner to Expert

Nervous to access online resources without IT support? This hands-on workshop will cover all the basics. In one morning, go from a webinar beginner to being the IT master your students need to succeed in a tech-driven workforce.

PD Sililoquy

When contemplating an upcoming webinar... To record or not to record--that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the training to suffer The slings and arrows of potential distribution Or to take record of the various questions, And by answering end them.

Tell Me: What Are The Skills You Need To Be An Adult Education Instructor?

Share your wish list for professional development for adult education instructors. What skills and training do new instructors need?

Coolest Free Trainings You’ve Never Heard of in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is amazing! Community groups can request free training from some of our best local institutions.

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