The Parable of the New Blade

What is the kingdom of God like, and to what can we compare it? The kingdom of God is like two woodworkers who both had table saws. They learned how to use the table saw accurately, kept them aligned, and always wore their PPE (personal protective equipment). One day, one of the woodworkers noticed more... Continue Reading →

Next Week in Cleveland: XPRIZE & CLE-BEE

Support adult literacy by attending an XPRIZE info session or CLE-BEE fundraiser.

Tech for Tracking: Tools for Data Collection & Assessment

What are the possibilities & realities of data collection in the digital age? Find out more about learning management systems.

Could MOOCs work for GED Test preparation? Lessons from History

Are MOOCs the future of education? Can they be adapted for GED Test preparation? If they don't learn lessons from history, MOOCs will be doomed to repeat it.

Gamification of Learning

Want to spice up your training or classroom with games, but don't know where to start? I collected the best stuff on The Interwebs just for you.

The Flipped Classroom: Interview with Stephen Volk

Interview with Stephen Volk, 2011 U.S. Professor of the Year on how and why he uses a Flipped Classroom.

Badges: Can Learning Be As Addictive As Gaming?

Prediction: badges are the next phase of elearning, thanks to Mozilla's Open Badges Project. Watch out: they'll be on your resume soon.

USA Learns provides free distance learning options for English Language Learners. Use it as an individual or a class.

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