The Parable of the New Blade

What is the kingdom of God like, and to what can we compare it? The kingdom of God is like two woodworkers who both had table saws. They learned how to use the table saw accurately, kept them aligned, and always wore their PPE (personal protective equipment). One day, one of the woodworkers noticed more... Continue Reading →

Friday in Cleveland: Make & Take Mustard Seed Books

Register today for our free workshop! Learn how to write your own book & teach fluency for beginning readers of any age.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Strikes Back

Farrell Ink argues with "the Rudolph complex" and teaching morality to young children.

Invest in Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education can pay a return of 7 percent on investment.

Summer Farm School: Rabbits

Rabbits abound this summer! Great summer project for pre-schoolers. Find more resources and projects at REC.

For Me, For You, For Later Kit

Teach your kids to be smart about money from the start! PNC Grow Up Great & Sesame Street have teamed up to create a FREE kit called For Me, For You, For Later.

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