Friday in Cleveland: Make & Take Mustard Seed Books

Register today for our free workshop! Learn how to write your own book & teach fluency for beginning readers of any age.

How Inner City Hough is Like Small Town Jefferson

Two years ago, we moved to my husband's small town for two reasons: 1. As a family practice doctor, rural access to health care is a much more dire need than urban access. 2. His parents live here. Unfortunately, thanks to the "city vs country mouse" trope, there’s a strong perception that people in small... Continue Reading →

What Materials Do You Recommend for 2014 GED® Test Preparation?

Links to publishers of 2014 GED® Test Preparation Materials. Directions to submit a guest post with your reviews.

Back-to-school shopping? Support “Women Priests in Ireland”!

While you are buying textbooks, support a book-in-progress on Irish women priests by author Meagen Farrell.

Teaching Adults is on Goodreads! Are you?

Add, rate or read and excerpt of Teaching Adults: A 2014 GED® Test Resource Book on my favorite social network.

25 Hours of Backer Frenzy!

Only 25 hours left to sign up for exclusive Kickstarter project updates on How Women Became Priests in Ireland! Just $1 pledge!

5 Days Left on Kickstarter: How Anglican Women Became Priests in Ireland

Please pledge on Kickstarter TODAY to get your exclusive, pre-release copy of How Anglican Women Became Priests in Ireland and other awesome perks. Only five days left! Some highlights of my amazing conversations this week about women's ministries, pastoral leadership, and Ireland: Being a pastor is about being a "priestly presence" as much as being a presider... Continue Reading →

Kickstarter LAUNCH: True Story of How Women Became Priests in Ireland

Crowdfund a book on the Development of Women's Ordination in the Anglican Church of Ireland. On Kickstarter for 21 days only!

My new RustWire post

The worst part about living in Hough is that you can't talk about living in Hough.

NaNoWriMo Results

Turned in a draft of the manuscript to finish up NaNoWriMo 2012! Spent this month contemplating the 2014 GED Test, Paulo Freire, and Vatican Council II.

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