5 Steps to Create an Art Event for Advocacy and Literacy Instruction

An arts event can be an opportunity for advocacy and literacy instruction, all rolled into one. 5 simple steps to make it happen.

Using Garmin and Ford to Transform Education

Can we use the Common Core Standards to create an educational GPS system? What lesson can we learn about the educational workforce from Henry Ford?

New National Report on Adult Literacy Statistics

The last National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL) was in 2003. NCES is currently collecting data on adult literacy levels in the U.S. as part of an international study.

Obsessive or Harmonious Passion?

Passion can be beautiful, and harmful. How do you change obsessive passion into a harmonious motivation? Ask yourself the question: What do I long for?

Stick With What Bothers You

Is something not turning out the way you want? Ask a stranger! They might have a solution that changes your life.

Write On Books: Top 5 Learning Skills

Top 5 skills to becoming a lifelong learner: write on books, use the calculator on your phone, and other tips to keep your brain working.

Farrell Ink Receives CC All Star Award 2010

Farrell Ink LLC has received a 2010 All Star Award from Constant Contact for being a top performer among 400,000 small organizations served worldwide.

Slash & Burn Budget? Don’t Cut These Programs!

Slash & Burn Budget passed on 2/19/11 cuts critical services to low income people. Tell your Senator: we can't afford to cut this lifeline!

NO to H.R. 1

Real people need real policy. Please ask our Representatives to stop playing games with our jobs & do the negotiation required to actually run an effective govrnment.

Pepsi Refresh: a Bad Deal for Non-Profits?

Pepsi Refresh Everything will give $1,300,000 each month in 2011 to 32 charitable causes in the USA based purely on website voting, while accepting applications from 1000 causes each month. Is participating worth the time for applicants, especially local, non-profit social service agencies?

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