5 Days Left on Kickstarter: How Anglican Women Became Priests in Ireland

How Anglican Women Became Priests in Ireland

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Some highlights of my amazing conversations this week about women’s ministries, pastoral leadership, and Ireland:

  • Being a pastor is about being a “priestly presence” as much as being a presider for the sacraments.
  • Pastoral ministry is a new way of “religious life” for people who are not clergy or nuns to facilitate community-building and spiritual growth in their churches.
  • At some point, to remain in communion, we have to just agree to disagree. People can have different worldviews and still have fellowship.
  • Parents and teachers have a beautiful role and strong obligation to minister to children and model how to live as the presence of Christ.
  • It used to be tradition in Ireland to pick shamrocks, put them in plastic bags with some moist paper towel, and send them to relatives in The States. Now stores encase dried shamrocks in plastic as keepsakes. (Not cool, apparently)

Blog Love:

My friend and awesome fellow Mommy-writer Hillary Melchiors interviewed me for her blog Midwestern Berliners. Check out the post to find out more about my favorite Irish beer, and see a picture of our kids together!

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Fellow Cleveland author and gender equality advocate Kathy Ewing mentioned my project in her recent post about relations between the Vatican and women.

I’m so grateful for all the support!

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