25 Hours of Backer Frenzy!

Dear Farrell Scholars:

With 25 hours to go, and our minimum $$ goal met, I’m launching into PROJECT BACKER FRENZY! You can help by sharing the following link: http://kck.st/WYWJjW

With the financial pressure off, my goal now is to get 73 backers signed up on Kickstarter before 11:53AM tomorrow, when the project officially closes (I know, it’s a strange time). Can I count on your support?

NEW! JUST $1 pledge online will be enough to get all the monthly project updates exclusively for Kickstarter backers!

What should you share with the link? Add your own personal message to people you think might be interested. Examples of previous messages: “I just backed my friend’s project. Help her make this book/trip a reality!” “I’m very excited about this project on women’s ordination in Ireland. If you’re interested in women in ministry, check it out!” “Support one of our (high school/college/HM alum, etc) friends with her new book!” And make sure to put how many hours are left!

It will still be $10 to get the White Paper by mail. This short, easy-to-read research paper will explain the current state & positions on women’s ordination in the Anglican, Roman Catholic & Orthodox traditions.

$25+ is still the level to pre-order a copy of the book, and is the most common pledge.

You can also watch & share the project videos:

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