How Inner City Hough is Like Small Town Jefferson

Two years ago, we moved to my husband's small town for two reasons: 1. As a family practice doctor, rural access to health care is a much more dire need than urban access. 2. His parents live here. Unfortunately, thanks to the "city vs country mouse" trope, there’s a strong perception that people in small... Continue Reading →

Crossing Racial Lines in Cleveland, or, S#!& Black People Say to White People Living in Hough

How do black neighbors react to a white person moving in to Hough?

A Neighbor Responds: On the Need to Integrate Cleveland Neighborhoods

Writer and activist Mansfield Frazier welcomes urban diversity

How Did We Get Here? A History of Hough

Learning the history of Hough helped me appreciate how much the community has changed. It also taught me: never be a slumlord.

What is it like to be a white woman in the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland?

Being a white woman in the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland.

Listen to the Many Voices of Hough

Want to feel the pulse of the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland? Start here!

Learning From History: From Hough to Ferguson

Hough's ashes were a symptom of a greater social wound. How can Ferguson's suffering lead to treatment and new life?

The website has a new look! League Park is due for a renovation, too.

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