October Matching Donation Challenge: Refugee Response

Inspired to compassion by a world in conflict, we can turn to scripture to consider how the Holy Family would respond in similar circumstances. Mustard Seed Training's free monthly download is the Flight into Egypt. Artwork is by Joan Bratt, and activity by Meagen Farrell. The document includes: Scripture Reflection ActivitySupplies Refugees May NeedColoring PageBlack... Continue Reading →

Painting Jesus: A Reflection for Artists and Catechists

In an increasingly diverse American church, how should we use images of Jesus for teaching children? One artisan reflects on her own experience & methods.

Will Opening Businesses Sooner Save Lives?

Many people are justifiably concerned about the impact of COVID-19, not only on health but on the economy: Some people suggest that suicide rates will increase if we do not put people back to work immediately. They claim that more children in the U.S. will experience neglect and starvation. They demand we act today to... Continue Reading →

Review: Monks’ Bread Fundraiser for Our Church

In a church, your fundraisers should do more than bring in money! They should teach your values. We used a Monks Bread fundraiser to buy kid-sized furniture.

Daily Reading: Celebrating Our Adoption Day!

This morning, I got to read one of my favorite verses in scripture. The first reading is from Acts 15, when the early Christian communities have gathered in Jerusalem to deal with one of the biggest controversies in the early Church. As you may have figured out by now, I love to study controversy, and... Continue Reading →

Sister’s Secret: Victoria’s Got Nothing on Us!

Confession: This summer, I became known as "the underwear lady." Quick links: CSSJ Federation Event 2016, Event Banquet Video,  Esperanza Threads, PACT women's apparel, Fundraise with Spreadshirt, CIW's Fair Food Shirts, Cruelty Free Clothing Guide Picture this: 700 people at round tables in a banquet room in Orlando, Florida. The tables are tastefully decorated with white... Continue Reading →

Learning From History: From Hough to Ferguson

Hough's ashes were a symptom of a greater social wound. How can Ferguson's suffering lead to treatment and new life?

NOLA: Adult Education, Poor Boys & Beignets!

This post is in memory of Kathleen Bahlinger, CSJ who just shocked the community with her sudden passing while in active, great health at the age of 75. I had the pleasure of meeting Sr Kathleen during a visit to New Orleans in March for the amazing 2013 COABE National Conference. One of my life... Continue Reading →

Les Miserables: Adult Literacy & Electing a Pope

Les Miserables is more than just a movie! Some snippets of what Victor Hugo had to say about the Papal Conclave, prison, and education.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Strikes Back

Farrell Ink argues with "the Rudolph complex" and teaching morality to young children.

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