October Matching Donation Challenge: Refugee Response

Inspired to compassion by a world in conflict, we can turn to scripture to consider how the Holy Family would respond in similar circumstances.

Mustard Seed Training’s free monthly download is the Flight into Egypt. Artwork is by Joan Bratt, and activity by Meagen Farrell. The document includes:

  • Scripture Reflection Activity
  • Supplies Refugees May Need
  • Coloring Page
  • Black & White Prayer Card Border
  • Color Prayer Card Border

This free download can be used with children or families to reflect on the Flight into Egypt during the seasons of Advent and Christmas, or any time to discuss current events related to refugees.

You have the option of adding a donation to Refugee Response in Cleveland, Ohio in increments of $20.00. Mustard Seed Training will match all donations by October 31, 2021 up to $500.

Check out Refugee Reponses’ website to learn more, volunteer, or donate directly.

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