Painting Jesus: A Reflection for Artists and Catechists

In an increasingly diverse American church, how should we use images of Jesus for teaching children? One artisan reflects on her own experience & methods.

Pandemic Preparation for First Holy Communion… at Home!

Adapting to change, celebrating the sacrament of initiation, and keeping our eyes on the eternal Light of Christ

Family Bible Study: Week 5

Is your heart ready to receive the Supper of the Lamb? This is the last of a 5-week BIble study for families to prepare at home.

Family Bible Study: Week 4

How do we respond to being invited to the Supper of the Lamb? One Roman Centurion gives us a beautiful prayer.

Tweet Hearts: A Great Valentine’s Gift!

Tell your sweetheart you love them with Tweet Hearts on Valentine's Day.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Strikes Back

Farrell Ink argues with "the Rudolph complex" and teaching morality to young children.

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