Benefits and Difficulties of Teaching Tech 101

In an increasingly digital world, those without basic technology skills can be left behind socially and economically. How can we help bridge the gap of the digital divide?

As an educator, what are your hopes, goals, and expectations for teaching basic technology skills? I found this short (less than three minutes) but interesting video of one tutor’s experience teaching technology to elders in Toronto. While watching, consider the following:

  • What is Sarah Lee’s motivation for volunteering as a technology tutor? Why does she think teaching basic skills is important?
  • Pay attention to how the classroom is set up. What are the positions & facial expressions of students & tutors?
  • What does Sarah Lee consider the biggest benefits and difficulties of her experience as a tutor?

How does Sarah Lee’s experience compare to your own motivation, classroom set up, and difficulties teaching basic technology? Why do you do it? What is realistic to expect from the experience?

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