Benefits and Difficulties of Teaching Tech 101

A short video of a real experience teaching basic technology to facilitate reflection on the benefits and realistic expectations.

Now Hiring: Tutor Training Champion

The Literacy Cooperative and Seeds of Literacy are hiring a Tutor Training Champion to lead a nine month pilot Tutor Training Collaborative.

We got the grant!

We got the grant! The Literacy Cooperative has been approved for $28,000 from Sisters of Charity to pilot a Tutor Training Collaborative. While additional grants are still pending, these funds will allow us to begin the process of selecting pilot partner organizations and a Tutor Training Champion who will lead the program. We will be... Continue Reading →

10 Things Tutors Can Do That Books (And Computers) Cannot…

10 things a real human tutor can do that books (or technology) cannot... Happy Holidays & thanks to all the great tutors out there!

Free New Adult Literacy Tutor Training

Instructions for adult literacy tutors for online, self-paced tutor training through ProLiteracy Education Network.

AmeriCorps Training Plan

Developing the AmeriCorps training plan for NEO Literacy Corps 2011-12. View my delicious bookmarks for training ideas.

Let’s Get Together!

Teachers, tutors, trainers, librarians, and others in Cleveland, Ohio will gather on January 7, 2011 for a morning of networking in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Raffle prizes, lunch, and parking are provided. RSVP to the Literacy Cooperative.

Skills for a Better Job

Ohio Resource Center lists skills people need to be successful on the job. Search for high quality lesson plans to teach career skills. Includes links to who is hiring in Cleveland, Ohio.

Forget Flash Cards: Try Math War

Back by popular demand is my most popular post of all time, original linked here: Use an ordinary deck of playing cards to relax with math. Try Math War to practice basic math operations: Take out the Jokers, Kings, 10s, and Queens. Deal the remaining deck between two players. One rule: Aces are One,... Continue Reading →

Links for FREE Online Instructional Materials

NOTE: YOU CANNOT TAKE THE GED OR ANY HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY TEST ONLINE!!! These websites are FREE sites to take practice tests, study for the GED test, learn English, get a better job, and reach other goals that you have. If these sites say you are ready to take the GED test, then click on... Continue Reading →

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