Free New Adult Literacy Tutor Training

I’ve heard a recent resurgence of interest in ProLiteracy’s free online courses for tutor training. I recently updated my previous post for programs with new links. Here is the abbreviated version just with directions for tutors:

To sign up as a new tutor, go to ProLiteracy Education Network’s online courses. Follow the enrollment instructions (you will need an email address). The courses are listed in alphabetical order. You can browse the entire catalog of classes online or take a look at this list of Content Clusters for Related Courses. I recommend using the modules in this order:

  1. Succeeding as an Online Learner (Optional for new distance learners)
  2. Orientation to Volunteering in Literacy
  3. Principles of Adult Learning
  4. Making Math Manageable
  5. Before, During & After–A Reading Comprehension Technique
  6. Unleashing Potential Through Multi-Intelligent Literacy Instruction
  7. Working With Adult Literacy Learners

If you are only going to take a couple courses as an introduction, I consider these two the most important: Principles of Adult Learning and Working With Adult Literacy Learners. These courses are especially important for our many excellent tutors who are retired K-12 teachers. While the techniques of instruction can often transfer, there are many important differences between adult basic education/GED programs and K-12 education. A clear understanding of adult learning and realistic expectations of adult learners is key for success and satisfaction as an adult literacy tutor.

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