Welcome to Teaching Your Students Tech 101!

Welcome to the online environment for Teaching Your Students Tech 101! I’m pleased to provide this training today for the Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland.

I looking forward to getting to know my face-to-face participants. If you’re following along online, please comment and introduce yourself!

1. We’ll start our morning with some reflection and inspiration on the Benefits and Difficulties of Teaching Tech 101.

2. Next we’ll try hand warm-ups with Mouserobics. If you finish early, feel free to try some of the recommended games at the end of the tutorial. Don’t forget to return to farrellink.com/blog when you’re done!

Try Mouserobics again, and this time make a LIST of all the mouse skills that are taught in this tutorial. Check off which of these skills you would like to teach your students.

3. After mastering mouse skills, next you can challenge your students to improve their typing speed and keyboarding skills.

What have been your experiences teaching typing? Compare it to this sample lesson. Make a list of the top three keyboarding skills that are your highest priority to teach your students based on their skill levels and educational goals.

4. Next we’re going to take a break from explicit technology skills to think about our instructional approach to teaching basic technology. How do you scaffold your lessons? Read this Edutopia article on 6 scaffolding strategies and take notes on which of the strategies you apply or would like to try in your classroom.

5. Finally, we’ll try the process of signing up for a free email account. You can choose from Gmail, YahooMicrosoft Live, or your provider of choice. Make a list of step-by-step directions you would give your students to guide them through the process. And don’t forget to “Show and Tell” first!

As we conclude, I’d like to hear what skill, idea, or resource was most helpful to you in today’s training. What is at least one thing you will you take back to use in your classroom right away?

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