Science is Awesome! Scoring and Teaching GED® Science Test Short Answer Responses

Welcome to the VAILL Conference, either in person or online!

What can test-takers expect on the GED® Science Test? TWICE in Science the test will present a short text or visual (called the stimulus) and recommends that test-takers use no longer than 10 minutes to write a response according to the directions (called the prompt).

GED® Testing Service created a Science Short Answer Response Resource Guide that includes:

  • Two samples of readings and prompts.
  • 6 real responses from simulated test takers.
  • Detailed information on the scores provided by Subject Matter Experts.

We will explore portions of this guide to understand and practice scoring, then consider some instructional activities from Teaching Adults: A 2014 GED® Test Resource Book to prepare adult learners for this portion of the test (and life).

And here’s an additional graphic organizer that isn’t even in the book!

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