Bigger, Better Writing on the GED Test

This afternoon in DC, we’ll divide into two groups, then switch mid-afternoon. Educators will have the chance to get on GED Academy and respond to both an RLA Extended Response and a Science Short Answer item. Directions:

Folks in the classroom will practice using rubrics and samples to improve writing instruction. And hopefully improve scores on the GED Test!

How are your students doing on the writing portion of the GED Test? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Bigger, Better Writing on the GED Test

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  1. We don’t think that those who have passed had any trouble. jane and katie

  2. My kids are still very young, but I would say the greatest factor in improving my daughter’s writing was putting her into her Speech & Debate class. There is nothing like competition in debate to prepare a person to research, give good reasons with good back-up evidence! Unfortunately, there is no opportunity for any research on the G.E.D. All of the facts and data are given. This is so that our children can become lovers of the United Nations and haters of the U.S. Constitution and Founding Fathers. The best I can do for this is explain to my kids the truths about political things and then tell them that on this test, they have to pretend that the only evidence out there is what is found in the test.

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