Fun Ways to Teach for the GED® Test

Will there be some cherry blossoms left in Washington DC this weekend? It’s my goal to find out…and also to teach 60 adult educators about how to increase outcomes and fun in the classroom!

Monday morning we’ll go deeper into the content of the GED Test itself. We’ll start by taking my Kahoot quiz “Intro to the GED Test.” Participants just have to open on a browser in their mobile phone, then enter the code I’ll display on the screen. I’ve been itching to try this after hearing about it on the LINCS listserv a couple weeks ago.

After the friendly competition, of course leading to enlightening conversation about the GED Test content, we’ll dive into instructional strategies in Teaching Adults: A 2014 GED Test Resource Book. I’ll provide an example, then allow participants to test them out.

How did you do on the Kahoot quiz, or the lesson examples? Let me know in the comments! Subscribe to the blog to get updates on the other workshops I’ll be teaching in DC this week.

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