Staying Safe in a Toxic World

Announcement: New Issue of the Change Agent The Change Agent Issue 32 Staying Safe in a Toxic World
Staying Safe in a Toxic World, Issue #32 of The Change Agent

“This issue of The Change Agent, produced in collaboration with TERC’s Statistics for Action project, will explore the local environment and will tell our stories of environmental clean-ups and community efforts to identify pollution sources and deal with them. With an emphasis on math and science, activities help students think about large and small numbers, percents, ratios, and scale. A one-pager on “Smart Moves: Take Control of Math” offers strategies for confronting difficult math problems-while avoiding an attack of brain freeze.

Using short narratives, interviews, cartoons, illustrations, and photos, this issue roots reading, writing, and math lessons in content that is relevant to adult learners. Background pieces and interesting facts provide opportunities for students to extend their learning. Lesson plans and discussion questions give teachers classroom-ready material that will engage students and provide an important forum for critical thinking, sharing, and achieving understanding across diverse experiences.

The magazine is free online at .”

For more information, please contact Cynthia Peters at

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