Top 18 FREE Websites for Workforce and GED® Test Prep

Warning: Once you start clicking these links, you may be amazed at what you find! This list is not offered in any particular order of importance or quality, and without comment. I offer it to you as a starting point to the many free resources available on the web for self-motivated adult learners, and tech... Continue Reading →

Fun Ways to Equip Students for Critical Thinking on the GED® Test

Challenge your students to increase their depth of knowledge. Use offline activities to prepare test takers for computer-based testing.

Chromebook for Education? Home?

What do you think about Chromebooks for school and home use? This review considers several applications.

Teaching Your Students Technology 101 for the Computer-Based GED® Test

Prepare your students for computer-based testing by taking a closer look at ways to teach mouse skills and keyboarding skills, considering how to support learning, and decide which resources might work best for your classroom.

5 Examples of Educators Using Facebook

Workshop participants found five fun resources on Facebook that would be engage their learners.

Facebook for the Classroom

Four important considerations for using Facebook in the classroom.

Resources for Teaching Tech 101

Tips and resources to teach basic keyboarding and computer skills.

Upcoming Workshop: Facebook in the Classroom

Educators in Northeast Ohio: please join me Friday, June 6th, 9:00am-12:00pm in Independence, Ohio for this FREE workshop offered by The Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland. Facebook is increasingly used as a professional and educational tool. During this session instructors will consider (at least) four elements of using Facebook in the classroom, with the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Teaching Your Students Tech 101!

Welcome to the online environment for Teaching Your Students Tech 101! I'm pleased to provide this training today for the Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland. I looking forward to getting to know my face-to-face participants. If you're following along online, please comment and introduce yourself! 1. We'll start our morning with some reflection and inspiration... Continue Reading →

Benefits and Difficulties of Teaching Tech 101

A short video of a real experience teaching basic technology to facilitate reflection on the benefits and realistic expectations.

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