5 Examples of Educators Using Facebook

Workshop participants found five fun resources on Facebook that would be engage their learners.

Facebook for the Classroom

Four important considerations for using Facebook in the classroom.

Improve Your Typing Speed for Computer-Based GED® Testing

Free online resources and tips to improve typing skills to prepare for computer-based GED testing.

Seven Free GED® Test Study Sites

Seven free websites with extra lessons and practice to study for the 2014 GED Test.

Exciting Technology for 2014 GED Test Prep Instruction

Using technology to prepare GED Test takers. Workshops at the "Achieving Credentials for Success" Conference in Appleton, Wisconsin, October 2013.

Prepare for Computer-Based GED® Testing

Free resources to prepare for the computer-based GED Test.

Resources for Teaching Tech for the GED® Test

Instructor recommendations from a training on how to prepare learners for computer-based GED® Testing.

Six FREE Amazing Websites for GED® Test Prep

Six of my favorite FREE websites for adult education and GED® Test Preparation.

Free Cool Online Tool: Gamestar Mechanic

As an adult looking to break into the field of elearning and educational technology, might Gamestar Mechanic be the right place to learn the basics of game development? It sounds fun, at least!

Free Online GED Science Test Preparation

Links to FREE practice tests, lessons, and tips to study for the GED Science test.

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