Summer PD for 2014 GED Test Instructors: 3 Week Online Courses

Join today! Two summer sessions of online course based on "Teaching Adults: A 2014 GED Test Resource Book."

Correction from Wisconsin: No Rectangular Solids

Rectangular solids are just one of many items that will no longer be assessed on the 2014 GED Test. How will GED Test Prep programs have to adjust?

Words to Study for the GED® Test

Word lists can help you create flashcards. Study the right vocabulary to pass the GED Test.

Wisconsin Pre-Conference Webinars

Pre-conference webinars for Wisconsin adult educators about the 2014 GED Test.

TLC: 2014 GED® Test Instructional Strategies

Instructional strategies for the 2014 GED Test...with lesson plans! Presented in Cleveland, Ohio.

OAACE: Exciting Strategies to Prepare Learners for the 2014 GED Test

Presentation from OAACE now available: Exciting Strategies to Prepare Learners for the 2014 GED Test!

White Paper: 2014 GED Test and Its Impact on Adult Literacy Providers

What should adult literacy providers expect with the upcoming 2014 GED test? Find out the answers in ProLiteracy's white paper.

The Word is Out: Finish Your GED Test in 2013!

The GED test is changing in 2014! Old scores will be erased. If you only have one or two sections to pass, find out how to sign up and finish.

The GED Test is Changing!

Want more detailed information about the GED test changes coming in 2014? Quality links for the real deal.

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