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Resources for Teaching Tech for the GED® Test

Computer-based GED® testing has already arrived in many states. Starting January 2, 2014, the new version of the GED® test will only be delivered on computers-though still only at official GED® testing centers! Writing must be typed on a QWERTY keyboard instead of handwritten or on a mobile device keyboard. Test-takers will also have to drag-and-drop answers, select from drop-down-menus, use an on-screen calculator and formula sheet, and read text by scrolling and clicking on tabs.

In learning about the new format of the test, some instructors in a recent training in Cleveland, Ohio shared resources to help their students (and themselves) learn the computer skills needed for the test.


The silly dancing mouse leads the way to a focused introduction to many of the main computer skills that will be required for the new test. Also available in Spanish. I was impressed by the simplicity of this tutorial: no music or flashing lights, just the basics. Learning to use the mouse is challenging enough!

Many thanks to Chris Rippel of the Central Kansas Library System for creating this great resource and making it available for free.


With over 750 lessons and 250 videos, this site is full of helpful information and activities to increase computer skills.
Under Computer Basics, I highly recommend the Interactives, especially Mouse Tutorial and Parts of the Keyboard.

The Beehive’s Digital Basics

I appreciate this site’s focus on using the internet safely. I’ve known many students and instructors excited to try out smartphones or broadband at home, only to get a virus or scammed. Vocabulary seems too difficult for low level readers.

LearningExpress Library

INFOhio offers this service for free to Ohio residents. You can login to INFOhio using the user name: INFOhio and the password: power. Next you can go to > Electronic Resources Core Collection > Learning Express Library (LEL), and then create your own LEL account name and password. You’ll find materials for GED Test Preparation as well as popular software tutorials. Recommended for intermediate computer users and independent readers looking to study from their home computer or to improve their employability.


Teknimedia’s CBT100

Looking for lessons and activities specific to the computer-based 2014 GED® Test? Teknimedia delivers. Test it out with three sample lessons and a 30 day free trial.

GED Academy’s Computer Essentials

To accompany its existing online test preparation program, GED Academy is developing a “course that teaches itself and doesn’t require you to become an expert in computer literacy skills.” Coming soon!

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Mavis Beacon is a classic software in computer learning labs for all ages. The program provides structured lessons and activities to build typing skills. Now they also offer a free Facebook game called Movie Mayhem!

Online Practice

The following websites don’t provide explicit digital literacy instruction for beginning or intermediate computer users. However they can give students practice with clicking, navigating tabs, scrolling, and drop-down menus, all while studying content assessed on the GED® Test:

The importance of partnerships

Instructors shared resources in the Cleveland community that either offer their own computer literacy programs, or would be willing to partner and teach the skills needed for computer-based testing. These include:

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