GED Test on the Computer? Maybe in the Future…

Note: Right now you can NOT take the GED or any high school graduation test online!  You can apply to take the GED test or study for the GED test online, but you MUST take the test at an Official GED Testing Center!  Any website that is not connected to the Official GED Testing Centers in your state is a SCAM!  To find the nearest official GED Testing Center to you, enter your zip code at the GED Testing Service:

In the future, the GED Test may be offered on the computer.  You will still ONLY be able to take the official GED test at an official GED testing center, even on the computer.

Read more or download a PDF about the projected changes to the GED test, including the computer-based-pilot (CBP), at this website:

Why is the American Council on Education piloting the GED test on the computer?  They want to see if GED test-takers get the same scores on a computer version as they get on the paper version.  The computer based pilot is currently going on in 11 states.

The GED test 5th edition was expected to be released on January 1, 2012 but that date has been postponed.  The GED Testing Service has revised this estimate, stating it needs to re-evaluate its testing standards because:

  • Research indicates that the current high school graduation tests, including the GED, do not measure college or workforce readiness.
  • President Obama has set a national goal to dramatically increase the number of high school & college graduates by 2020, as well as make sure those graduates are ready for college & the workforce.

Some VERY GOOD news is that GED test takers who take the test before 2012 (or whenever the new version of the test is released) and do not pass all sections may still be able to keep their scores after GED 5th edition is released.  Check back with the American Council on Education (and Farrell Ink!) for more updates in late 2010.

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