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Links for FREE Online Instructional Materials

NOTE: YOU CANNOT TAKE THE GED OR ANY HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY TEST ONLINE!!! These websites are FREE sites to take practice tests, study for the GED test, learn English, get a better job, and reach other goals that you have.

If these sites say you are ready to take the GED test, then click on this link & enter your zip code to find where you can take the GED test in person.  Visit for more official information about the GED Test.  You may have to pay a SMALL fee or pass a practice test in person to take the GED test for free, depending on the state you live in.  ONLY PAY AN OFFICIAL GED TESTING CENTER to take the GED tests… and you can never take it online!!!

Most of these sites require that you download a plug-in player to view videos.  You may also want to use headphones.  Also, sometimes you need to register with your email or create a username & password.  NEVER give out your password or pay money for these sites. Some websites link to workbooks that you can purchase & work on at home or with a tutor.

  1. LearningExpress Library: test preparation, study for job placement tests, instantly scored essays, college & career counseling.  View the demo.   To register or to log in: click this link.
  2. McGraw Hill GED Online Learning Center: these websites have practice tests & supplements for the Contemporary’s GED book series.
  3. 10 question quizzes in subjects on the GED test, written by the folks who write the GED tests!
  4. GED & Workplace Videos: to get ready for a better job, click WORKPLACE ESSENTIAL SKILLS.  If you don’t like to read, haven’t done math in a long time, or don’t feel ready, click PRE-GED CONNECTION.  If you want something tough, click GED CONNECTION.  First watch the video titled Orientation.
  5. Were the videos too hard?  Try They have lessons in reading, writing, math, vocabulary, and learning.
  6. Free printable worksheets, placement tools & word lists for classes using the series Challenger 2nd Edition.
  7. Learning English as a new language?  Try If you are a teacher, create a class, log in & follow your students’ progress by clicking “Teacher Registration.”

Interactive online tools that GED, ESOL (or any) teachers can use in the classroom to communicate with students, create projects, and much more:

  1. BLOG.  Create one using or
  2. Intel Thinking Tools.  They really work your brain hard, for both teachers & students.  Build the 21st Century skills employers & colleges are looking for!  Free professional development, too.
  3. Google for Educators.  I enjoy teaching students how to use Gmail & calendar so that they can communicate & keep track of their schedules.  Great for job searching!  In Docs, students can type up & save essays, make graphs & charts, presentations, and forms.   Google also offers K-12 teacher trainings.
  4. Kind of like YouTube, but without the inappropriate junk.  Won’t be blocked by your computer lab filters!  Find not only videos, but also audio, documents, and other source material that connect to students’ interests & goals.

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  1. Howdy there,Great blog dude! i am Fed up with using RSS feeds and do you use twitter?so i can follow you there:D.
    PS:Have you thought putting video to the blog posts to keep the people more entertained?I think it works.Yours, Walton Batista

  2. Yes, I’m on Twitter @farrellink, thanks for asking! It will also link you to my publications on and videos on YouTube (I prefer for instructional video but they aren’t authorized for embeds by WordPress yet). Thanks for the suggestion on adding videos; I have done it for other posts, but will find or create a video for this one as well.

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Our group was founded in 2017 by CGS catechist and woodworker Meagen Farrell. Meagen is also an author, trainer, and PhD student in the fields of adult basic education and educational technology (that’s the “Training” part!).

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