Free Cool Online Tool: McGraw Hill GED Online Learning Center

Find GED Test Preparation books at Amazon.

McGraw Hill-Contemporary offers one of the most popular GED test preparation books series.  McGraw Hill offers FREE online supplements for the 2004 series that matches the books chapter-by-chapter.

Each book has a website with a Student Center (practice tests, chapter overviews, flashcards) and an Instructor Center (web links, teaching tips, correlations to the GED test):


You can find the books at for as little as $10-20.  If you are looking for extra practice problems in just one subject, they also offer exercise books for $1-10.  Get a used book marked “like new” or “very good” condition so you can write all over it!

Don’t forget your TI 30XS Calculator!  It’s the official calculator used for the GED test.

Purchase Preparation for the GED Test

Want even more practice?  Check out this post on Free Online GED Science Test Preparation.

10 thoughts on “Free Cool Online Tool: McGraw Hill GED Online Learning Center

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  1. I am interested in learning, understanding more education for life and earning GED Diploma. Hopefully by two years time I will be starting to get a higher pay job

  2. BEWARE you can NOT take a GED test on the internet or mail you must go through ur school district community center or community collage i have seen ads saying so and want you all who read this to know that they are FALSE

  3. i will be taken my test in five days just to see were my level of education is in areas of concern. is this wise? can i pass what i pass then take over what i fail ?

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