Oklahoma says “OK” to Pocket Guide to Materials

Mary Young, Director of Projects READ in Edmund, Oklahoma, had rave reviews for our recently published “Pocket Guide to Materials,” a resource FREE to all thanks to the Sandra Sullivan Learning for Life Program of the West Side Catholic Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  First, the details as Mary first saw it on the ProLiteracy listserv:

Pocket Guide to Materials-Details on assigning materials in the 5 GED subjects for adult students from 0.0-10.9 grade equivalent as assessed on the TABE & TABE profile or similar skills breakdown.  Associated trainings: Assigning Materials Based on TABEIntroduction to Online Instructional Materials.

Mary’s reply:

Hi Meagen – Thanks so much for the links you provided on the ProLit[eracy] List Serve.  As a one-to-one program director/resource person/trainer I’m always inventing lesson plans and selecting materials for new pairs.  Your pocket guide is a good starting place and the level descriptions should prove invaluable.  We already have many of these materials and I’ll look at adding others you listed as $$ are available.

“Pocket Guide to Materials” is just one handout from six free trainings available through the Learning for Life Starter Kit online at: Scribd.com/farrellink.  Our goal is to give program directors, site managers, and volunteers tutors the information they need to provide high quality, effective instruction to adults at all levels of basic education. Great volunteer-based programs like Project READ need our continued support and encouragement to bring our U.S. workforce into the 21st century!

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