Oklahoma says “OK” to Pocket Guide to Materials

Mary Young, Director of Projects READ in Edmund, Oklahoma, had rave reviews for our recently published "Pocket Guide to Materials," a resource FREE to all thanks to the Sandra Sullivan Learning for Life Program of the West Side Catholic Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  First, the details as Mary first saw it on the ProLiteracy listserv:... Continue Reading →

A Program Alternative for GED Fee Waivers in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Education has announced that due to budget cuts, it will no longer offer waivers for the $65 GED testing fee starting September 1, 2009. After that date, the GED test fee will be reduced to $40, and those who do not pass all 5 sections can retake individual tests for $10... Continue Reading →

Pros and Cons of the TABE Test

I recently received an email from a colleague recently and thought others might also like a review of the TABE test: I am the Literacy Coordinator for the Boone County Learning Network Literacy Initiative in Lebanon, Indiana. We are starting a new one-on-one tutoring program for adults in our county to help improve their reading... Continue Reading →

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