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Randy Trask’s Opening Plenary: Highlights

Randy Trask got some belly laughs by saying, “Maybe you haven’t heard, but the new GED Test has its critics.” He is willing to take the concerns about volume & passing rates head on.

I decided to turn off my phone during sessions to avoid distraction so you’ll get the best of my hand-written notes:

Concern 1: Computer-based testing.

GEDTS is considering offering a basic digital literacy certification at low or now cost for GED Testing centers.

Concern 2: The test is too hard, particularly Math.

The most missed GED Test items show that test takers aren’t struggling with high level College & Career Readiness questions, but with skills currently taught in 6th grade level math classes.

75% of adults in the GED pipeline start at the adult basic education level. “The math test isn’t too hard, but we have to equip adults for those skills.”

Concern 3: Lower testing volume & passing rates.

“Before computer-based testing, we wouldn’t know this information for 18 months, so we’d get 2014 results now. Thanks to GED Analytics, panic mode set in about January [2014]. Reporters picked it up and it became a great story.

“We shocked the system in 2014 and we have been really, really good at scaring people the past couple years.” We need to increase confidence to get more people into the pipeline.

Big agenda items moving forward:

How do we get adult education more funding?

He highlighted Essential Education customer Academy of Hope in Washington DC’S Ward 5 as a district – funded adult charter school. What policy and attitudes need to change to expand this funding model?

The GED is proving sufficient for college readiness. ACE has recommended that all colleges accept the Honors score on the GED Test without requiring placements tests or remedial classes.

What are your thoughts for Randy Trask & GED Testing Service in response? Post your comments below. (He’s sitting just in front of me now.)

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  1. Hi Meagen, I’d love to post this on our GEDA Facebook page with your permission.

  2. Yes please! You can use anything on my site with attribution.

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