PD Update: Q&A

This session was informative, but the best part was the Q&A towards the end.

GEDTS (Martin Kehe & Daphne Atkinson):

We know we need to:
1) Develop a curriculum instead of just responding to requests.
2) Get better at reporting who is participating & reached.

Randy Trask suggested badges for educators. Not certification, but similar to what students can earn for GED Ready or testing.

What is on the PD wish list for GED state administrators?

When something is new on the website, let us know. (Have to balance with spamming)

Corrections-specific training, especially for beginners. Blended Corrections + others for intermediate or mastery.

Use educators taking GED Ready to develop personalized instruction & PD. (Answers: Long term they want to build a cadre of Master Trainers. Also will be enhancing the score report with sample test items.)

Other important updates:
They demonstrated the new Professional Development section of the GED Testing Service website chunked into steps for beginners, foundational information, and intermediate.

New version of the Assessment Guide for Educators coming out in about 4 weeks with more accessible language.

They are interested in follow up conversations to coordinate with PD vendors and contractors.

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