What is the GED Testing Service Publishing Program?

GEDTS has provided GED Marketplace for potential test takers to access & purchase study materials. Until now they have only required compliance with their trademark and copyright policies, and have decided to implement a content review process.

It is important to note that while they want this process to benefit the adult education community, 70% of test takers study independently. The GEDTS content review process is only going to cover whether the curriculum has 100% coverage of the GED Test Assessment Targets. It will not measure additional factors important to institutional purchasers like reporting features, technology requirements, or training and customer support.

Publishers must opt in to the process by paying for their own review through the 3rd party evaluator ProCert. The audience was assured that GED Testing Service is not making a dime in the process and the amount is not a financial burden.

Each book, online course, or other curriculum product will be independently reviewed for its coverage per subject. Anything that does not provide full coverage will have 6 months to remediate. “Other” materials (like practice test) will not be required to review, but will also not be eligible for the content-aligned stamp of approval.

Publishers who do not opt to participate will not be included on the GED Marketplace or be eligible to sell GED Ready vouchers. Publishers will need to go through the process again if they undergo a major change (like translating from English to Spanish, or Essential Education’s recent transition to our new website, doubling our content).

Participation and results will not be revealed until October 2015. Content will be indicated in the GED Marketplace as “Other,” in progress, or reviewed and aligned.

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