NaNoWriMo Results


Today I submitted an almost-final draft of my book manuscript with a total of just over 37,000 words! If you count the additional 18,500 words for my graduate school research paper, that puts me well over my 50,000 word count!! Huzzah!!! In truth, I’ve been working on it manuscript for longer than November. But 50,000 words is a super long attention span for this little blogger and poet.

I’m one step closer to finishing this amazing first book contract. I’m so grateful that someone is actually paying me to analyze to death the upcoming changes from GED Testing Service. I’ve been spending every Wednesday over lunch with an inspiring group of adult learners testing out activities from the book. They’ve not only been tolerant, but keep coming back and asking for more, which is always a good sign! Look for Teaching Adults: A 2014 GED Test Resource Book to hit the online New Readers Press bookstore in 2014! It might even be available in time for some upcoming adult literacy conferences in 2013… As always, stay posted to Farrell Ink for great free resources to teach/study for the GED test.

By the way, the research paper turned into some deep quality time with writings from Paulo Freire and Vatican Council II, comparing their visions for an Educator of Hope. Some of that might have crept its way into the book manuscript, too. Look for a blog post summarizing that argument soon!

I would also be remiss if I did not thank Grooveshark and Parry Gripp for the ambient and peppy music that kept me sane and focused towards the end. This is the tune stuck in my head right now:

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