NaBoWriMo: Book on the 2014 GED® Test

UPDATE February 28, 2013: Teaching Adults: A 2014 GED® Test Resource Book is now available to purchase from New Readers Press!

This is the month for writing! It’s National Novel Writing Month AND National Blog Posting Month, both fueled with plenty of resources by BlogHer.

“I’m writing a book you’re sure to read, oh yeaaaaah.” –Jeff Miller

Yes, Farrell Scholars, I am also writing a book this November. Not a novel or blog posts, but an instructional resource book for New Readers Press. On the 2014 GED Test. Oh yeah.

Lady Dancing on Steps in Snow

It’s part of their Teaching Adults series, alongside Teaching Adult Literacy and Teaching Adult ESL. It’ll be chock full of engaging, educational activities.

It’s due to be published in 2013, so keep it tuned to Farrell Ink, rock stars.

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