PROqol5 for AmeriCorps

The PROfessional Quality Of Life (PROQOL) survey is a free tool developed by researchers, teachers, and clinicians around to world. The 30 question survey is an aid for those in helping professions to assess if they are at high risk for burnout, secondary traumatic stress, and compassion fatigue.  I edited the language to fit for AmeriCorps members for use by Northeast Ohio Literacy Corps. We used it once last year and Members said they wanted to be introduced to it earlier in the year and to take it more than once. This coming year, our AmeriCorps Members will take the survey 3 times during training.

Feel free to download and use the tool: PROqol5 AmeriCorps

What tools have you used to educate national service members about burnout, compassion fatigue, and professional quality of life?

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  1. […] PROQOL 5: The Professional Quality of Life survey is a free, 30 question tool to assess one’s rate of professional satisfaction, burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma. I have posted a version adapted for AmeriCorps to my website for you to download. […]

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