Freelance Writing Jobs

This post goes out to my talented out-of-work or underpaid fellow writers who deserve some freelance opportunities. I have heard the reports and rumors that quality writing is one of the most lacking skills in our current workforce, but I didn’t see it in action until I started hunting for freelance writing jobs. For all the schtuff out there on the internet, there’s still a ridiculously high demand for clear, quality content.

Here are my three quality options for a good income:

Demand Studios

Heritage Web Solutions

And if you want to try to develop your own audience for content of your choosing, try joining the blogosphere:

  1. Create a Blogger Account
  2. Add Google Adsense
  3. Do lots of posting, promotion, and just write some good stuff.

I chose WordPress as a low cost, quality website with multiple pages (the blog is a bonus), but it doesn’t allow Google Adsense. Maybe I pretend to claim being principled and ad-free like my favorite magazine, but in all honestly, I find Google’s text ads very helpful and unobtrusive.

There’s also an interesting market for instructional videos, and there’s definitely work for filmmakers, too.

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