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Materials for praying with children.

Okay, We’re Back in Action!

Hey Farrell Readers,

We’re still slogging away up here in Northeast Ohio. Despite the slippery roads, no snow days in sight! Been working hard to build the basics of the new business:

Mustard Seed Training

In my last post, I said this site would be discontinued soon as I moved on to It’s still true that I’m building my online retail store at this new domain, powered by Shopify.

Behind the digital scenes, I’ve been offline working with mentors on the business fundamentals, and collaborating with local faith-based crafters to build up some inventory. We’ve posted a couple items over at already, with more in the shop (literally!).

Go check them out!


Spending days in the workshop or at the local printer has been a lot of fun, and I look forward to launching new products right HERE.

Shopify also includes a Blog, but…. let’s face it. There’s nothing on the internet quite like WordPress for blogging. The editing features are similar, but the add-ons are weak and I didn’t like having to So I’m back in action, folks! If you’re interested in following this new venture, then stay put. From now on will be pointing to, so you don’t even have to u[date your browser!

My blog will continue here, and I’m going to migrate over the few posts I tried over at the Shopify blog (which very few people saw because, well, it’s not WordPress). If you’re sticking in here, thanks! And if you head on your way… no offense taken. This transition from adult basic education to religious education will never be 100%, and I know there’s lot of overlap in the audience.

But if praying with children isn’t your thing, or praying, or children, or you’ve just moved on with your life: my best wishes go with you on your journey!

On the other hand, I hope as Mustard Seed Training announces new products and partnerships over the next several month, hopefully you’ll find something you want to share with your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors… and especially some special materials to help even the youngest along their spiritual journey to find:

  • healing,
  • love,
  • justice,
  • community, and
  • purpose.

May all these gifts be yours in 2019.


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About US

Mustard Seed Training is a team of faith-based artisans creating materials for praying with children. Our ministry is to share the love of God and neighbor.

Our group was founded in 2018 by CGS catechist and woodworker Meagen Farrell. Meagen is an author, trainer, and PhD student in the fields of adult basic education and educational technology (that’s the “Training” part!).

Thank you for your patience & prayers!

Our goal is to provide you with quality materials and service. Please view our shipping policy and refund policy. We take a scheduled break every year from December 22 (or the last Friday before Christmas) to January 2 (or the first Monday).

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