Prepare for Computer-Based GED® Testing

Wondering how to prepare for taking an exam on the computer? It is important to know that you can NEVER take the GED Test online! You still need to take the test on a computer at an official testing center.

Just the links:

  1. Free courses on Internet Safety
  2. Handheld version of the TI-30XS calculator
  3. Practice using a mouse
  4. Free online Typing Test
  5. See the computer-based GED® Test Tutorial

Here are the most important things I teach my GED® Test Prep students about using computers, to prepare them for the GED® Test and for life:


If you knew people were trying to break into your house, you wouldn’t leave your door unlocked. But many people leave their “digital” door unlocked by not protecting themselves while using email, shopping online, and using social media.

The Beehive has developed free courses on Internet Safety with great tips for anyone.


TI-30XS CalculatorThe computer-based GED® Mathematics Test allows test-takers to use the TI-30XS on-screen calculator for many problems. You can purchase a handheld version of the TI-30XS calculator for practice.

Free resources to learn how to use the TI-30XS calculator:


Most GED® Test items will be multiple-choice with four possible answers. In addition, test takers will need to use the mouse to drag-and-drop items, fill-in-the-blanks, select from drop-down menus, scrolling up and down a page, navigating tabs to read, and click “hot spots.” When typing responses, test takers will be able to use cut, copy, paste, undo and redo buttons. Most of these skills can be practiced using Mouserobics.


Starting in 2014, there will be even more writing on the GED® Test. Test takers will type fill-in-the-blank questions, two short answers in Science, and two longer responses: 25 minutes in Social Studies and 45 minutes in Reasoning through Language Arts. Test takers will read a passage or other information (like a map or chart) and then have to type a response about what they have read.

Many people type faster than they write by hand, but not my GED® Test prep students! Most of them are comfortable using two thumbs to type on their phone, but typing on a keyboard is different. I ask my students to practice keyboard typing using a free online Typing Test. It doesn’t matter how fast they are when they start. I give them tips and as they practice, they always get faster.

I always warn my students about all the advertisements on the site. You don’t need to buy or register for anything! Trying not to click the ads is a good way to practice internet safety skills.


The GED® Testing Service has provided online access to their GED® Test on Computer Tutorial. It is not a practice test because it is not timed or scored. The tutorial shows how the buttons and directions will look on the computer. It is a safe, simple way to try out computer-based testing the pressure of answering the test questions.

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