Tech for Tracking: Making the Change

Choosing the right learning management system (LMS) is only the first step to using it in your educational program. The next step is getting students, staff, and administrators all on board & actually using the system!

Yesterday, participants in Tech for Tracking: Tools for Data Collection & Assessment had a chance to explore 6 different LMS options, then discussed what their next steps might be to implement this in their programs. Here were their comments (initials used for privacy):

J & D – Continue exploring options and pilot with a few willing students and tutors. They have already tried Khan Academy with a dozen students and decided it wasn’t a fit because they could not create & assign a curriculum for students to follow within the system.

P – Talk to supervisors and share a survey created during the session using Google Forms.

T – Have already introduced the technology, but having difficulty with staff buy-in. Suggestions from other participants:

  • Connect usage to money or grants.
  • Staff take a role in exploring and creating/customizing the system.
  • Incentives.
  • Explain consequences and benefits in very clear terms.
  • Use the system with them to demonstrate its benefits and model how to overcome difficulties (for example, have staff log in to Edmodo or Google Sites as part of delivering professional development).
  • Have a monthly meeting to share technology successes and overcome difficulties.

C – Set up accounts with the different systems and pilot for professional development.

B – Test them out and sell it to others in the organization.

Da – Extend current usage of Edmodo, especially with students who participate online even if they don’t attend class.

Do – Recognize accomplishments through certificates for Perfect Attendance, online badges, and more frequent assessment.

H – Need to increase their budget for technology! Suggestions from other participants:

  • Collaborate with other organizations like libraries, or those teaching computer literacy.
  • Apply for technology-specific grants.
  • Look for free, open content like
  • RET3 provides refurbished computers for free, $25 for software, or $175 for laptops.

How about you? Once you select a great technology to introduce to your educational program, what is your next step?

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