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The Word is Out: Finish Your GED Test in 2013!

The Plain Dealer recently published a warning: “GED test for high school equivalency degree will be harder and more expensive in 2014.” They interviewed a current GED test preparation student:

“All adult basic literacy sites and the Literacy Cooperative in Cuyahoga County are encouraging people to take the GED this year and complete all five parts because their scores will not carry over into 2014.

Juliette Casuentes, 32, plans to take the final section, in math, this month.

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‘I didn’t know how important it was and got caught up with work,” she said of not pursuing a high school diploma. “I decided to go back to school – and want to go to nursing school.’

Casuentes, of Parma, said that although she intends to complete the GED this year, she would have been willing to pay the higher cost if necessary.

‘But I’m sure it will be hard for other people,’ Casuentes said.”

Though the Plain Dealer article doesn’t say this, instructors and programs are also urging test takers to sign up by the end of August 2013 to get a testing spot. GED testing schedules often fill up a couple months in advance! Don’t wait until the last minute.

Do you only have one or two sections of the GED Test to pass?

The Plain Dealer followed their article with an editorial that states: “Ohio should help GED candidates as test costs increases.”

Do you agree?

I think that covering the testing fee is an investment for state governments. States will certainly not make money off the testing process or fees itself, but people with an accepted HS credential earn higher incomes and pay more taxes. I think for that reason alone, it makes sense to cover the cost of the test. It is not an easy test, and if someone can pass it, why should we let a small fee stand in their way of contributing more over a lifetime?

If you live in the state of Ohio, you can join me in contacting your state representatives in the House and Senate to tell them what you think about the GED testing fee and upcoming changes.

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